Course Clean Up



Dear Members, the following is to keep you up to date with the course clean up.

Late last year we thought we were finally getting on track. We had to wait until the ground hardened up, so we could get the chipper on to the course. We managed to get work done on the ninth, part of the fifth and started on the area between the fourteenth and fifteenth but once again the chipper decided it no longer wanted to work. The chipper has over 1000 horse power and when it works is a beast of a machine but has been unreliable which is obviously an understatement.

At this stage we are investigating other options including bringing in a different chipper, but we are still working through this and does depend on the finances. We still intend to burn some of the heaps but need to do this when the conditions are right and obviously not when there is a fire ban.

We have had two working bees which have focused on the clean up and progress has been made. We have marked G.U.R on most parts and continue to follow this up. Our greens staff have been attending to areas while also nursing the course through a drought.

We host the South Island Amateur 24th February and have been in discussions with NZ Golf to make sure we are marking the affected areas accordingly.

No major work will be under taken until after the South Island Amateur.


Regards Paul Brouwer

Course Convener