A long par 4, a good drive will set you up, but your 2nd will be critical too

Tee Shot: A good drive is very helpful on this long par 4. Drives should be aimed down the right-hand side of the fairway as they will filter down into the middle of the dip around 110 metres from the flag. Not getting to the dip will leave a 175m approach shot.

Approach: Approach shots that drop short of the green are likely to roll into this bunker leaving a very difficult sand shot.Take into account the position of the flag as you will want to be putting up, not downhill. Be aware of the front left bunker and play it safe

Green: The large green slopes to the front and is guarded by a bunker to the left.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 2 423
   Blue   4 2 410
   Red   4 2 317
   White   4 2 385
   Yellow   4 2 388
   Blue   5 14 410
   Red   5 14 317
   White   5 14 385
   Yellow   5 14 388