The last hole in the opening nine is a 450m+ par 5, but on the right day, big hitters can reach it in 2.

Tee Shot: Tee shots need to go down the left hand side or have a slight draw from right to left to get the best fairway position.

Approach: Players can lay up into the valley in front of the green or try to reach the green with a long hit. The fairway is surrounded on all sides by mature pines that punish wayward shots.

Green: The green slopes towards the front, so take care with downhill putting


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   5 16 463
   Blue   5 16 454
   Red   5 16 320
   White   5 16 431
   Yellow   5 16 426
   Blue   5 6 454
   Red   5 2 320
   White   5 6 431
   Yellow   5 2 426