Wayward shots are punished by trees on both sides of the fairway, and tough rough down the right

Tee Shot: A nice straight shot, possibly with a slight draw will set you up for your 2nd

Approach: Depending on the drive, big hitters may reach the green with their second, but two bunkers middle and front left of the green will capture anything short. Most players will lay-up to the top of the hill to take their 3rd with a wedge.

Green: A long narrow green, it is important to putt with confidence


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   5 9 467
   Blue   5 9 457
   Red   5 9 386
   White   5 9 451
   Yellow   5 9 422
   Blue   5 1 457
   Red   5 1 386
   White   5 1 451
   Yellow   5 1 422