Take some time on the green to admire the South-Eastern Coast of Otago

Tee Shot: From the tee the left hand dogleg requires a shot centre right, but not too far right as a large fairway bunker awaits

Approach: The second shot is best played to the right of the fairway to open up the green for your third. The green can be reached in two but being in the wrong position can be costly

Green: Large with three tiers, this green is guarded by a pot bunker front left, a greenside bunker front right and the Pacific Ocean at the back


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   5 17 461
   Blue   5 17 452
   Red   5 17 329
   White   5 17 444
   Yellow   5 17 433
   Blue   5 3 452
   Red   5 3 329
   White   5 3 444
   Yellow   5 3 433