The green looks closer than it is. Trust your distances and attack the green.

Tee Shot: The fairway on this hole slopes left to right and straight drives can kick to the right side of the fairway and even into the rough. Drives should be kept to the left of the fairway where the ground is flat and hard and produces good run

Approach: Be careful of the bunkers which protect this green

Green: The green has huge variation in it, so it is unlikely you will learn much from your partner's putt


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 15 331
   Blue   4 15 317
   Red   4 15 239
   White   4 15 303
   Yellow   4 15 302
   Blue   4 9 317
   Red   4 9 239
   White   4 9 303
   Yellow   4 9 302