Anything right off the tee will make for a very difficult hole

Tee Shot: A testing right hand dogleg up a hill. The smart play is up the left hand side of the fairway This ensures your lie for your second shot is as level as possible and the best approach to the bunker-flanked green is achieved.

Approach: The green is very large and can be as much as three clubs difference between pin placements at the front and back.

Green: The green is very large so the hole should be attacked strongly when putting


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Black   4 3 392
   Blue   4 3 373
   Red   4 3 313
   White   4 3 353
   Yellow   4 3 338
   Blue   5 11 373
   Red   5 11 313
   White   5 11 353
   Yellow   5 11 338