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Your Chance to Win!


St Clair Golf Club’s COVID-19 Sub-committee has been working very hard at putting together ideas, initiatives and of course getting golf up and running again at the club.  As you will appreciate getting income again coming into the club is at the forefront of our concerns.


Today we are launching a fun activity for you all to participate in.   We are opening this up to all our members, family & friends and hope that you will be able to support the club.


We have attached the information that outlines how we are running this but basically it works off the "Lotto bonus number" each Saturday night.   Ensure you get your email to us by 4.30 pm Friday as cards will be closed off at that point each week.


We are running two values of cards ($5.00 and  $10.00 cards)  - depending on the interest will depend on how many cards we end up having each week – but the value of prizes are the same for every individual $5 or $10 card (see attached). 


We look forward to your support.


We hope you are all enjoying the Sun and managing to get a game of golf in. 


Stay Safe, Look after your family and Be Kind to each other

S.C.G.C - COVID-19 Sub-Committee

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