Volunteers - Help wanted please

Good afternoon

We are all aware of the negative affect on most businesses of Covid –19. Our golf club is no exception and the board and management of St Clair are looking at all ways of limiting the damage financially as far as possible while still maintaining a top- class course. One way to help achieve this is to increase the pool of volunteers we have at St Clair. The club is already incredibly fortunate to have a number of our members giving up some of their time to maintain specific areas of the course and surrounds but there is much more that could be done if we had more volunteers. We need our greens staff to be focussed on maintaining the playing area of the course and work done by volunteers helps considerably.

We have many jobs that we would like to assign to volunteers on a regular basis. Some members may be prepared to look after a specific hole or holes and do such tasks as weeding paths and bunkers, pick up debris etc. Others could help maintain the car park area or the clubhouse surrounds , or work on gardens not covered by existing volunteers. You may have experience in weed-eating , waterblasting , carpentry, painting etc and could use those skills to help the club . You don’t need to be an expert however – just be prepared to offer a bit of time ! We will ensure that any work allocated will suit individuals particular skill-set , fitness level etc.

All golf clubs now need to operate under new rules under Covid – 19. As we plan for Alert Level 2 we need to ensure we have a register of who is on the course at all times to allow for contact tracing, and comply with Health and Safety regulations. This will require some organisation . Our assistant greenkeeper, Liam Hewitson, and Dave Sharp of the Course Management Group will co-ordinate the Volunteer Schedule to ensure we have a programme covering tasks/location/timing where all volunteers know where they can contribute their valuable time and efforts, and to ensure you have the appropriate tools and are aware of Health and Safety Procedures.

If you are able to add your name to the volunteer register please email manager@stclairgolf.co.nz with your name , phone number and if applicable the type of tasks you would like to have assigned to you. We will contact you soon.

Kind regards and thank you all


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